Long ago and far away, Paul and Irene Griffin set out on a journey that would cover nearly the entire lower forty-eight, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and all places in between. Irene was born and raised in Oswaldtwistle which is in the northwest of England while Paul is from the north shore of Long Island, in Manhasset. They were brought together in one cataclysmic event by none other than Fred Waring when he invited Irene to join his Performing Group, The Pennsylvanians. Paul wascdTwo of Us already playing trumpet, orchestrating and contracting for the organization. Upon returning from a convalescent trip to London, Mr. Waring invited Paul to share lunch with him and to discuss the music and musicians for the upcoming International Tour. Between courses, Mr. Waring laid the groundwork for what would become an amazing prophecy for Paul’s future when he stated, “boy, have I found the girl for you.” And so it came to pass…

  1. Your Love Paul and Irene a
  2. All The Way Paul & Irene 3:57
  3. You Raise Me Up Paul & Irene 5:19
  4. West Side Story Medley Paul & Irene 7:18
  5. Sometimes When We Touch Paul & Irene 5:51
  6. The Prayer Paul & Irene 4:16
  7. Beauty And The Beast The Two Of Us Paul & Irene 3:56
  8. Somewhere Out There Paul & Irene 3:24
  9. When I Fall In Love Paul & Irene 4:16
  10. The Gift Paul & Irene 4:23
  11. You Don't Bring Me Flowers Paul & Irene 3:17
  12. The Water Is Wide Paul & Irene 5:05
  13. Our Love Affair Paul & Irene 3:19



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