Justice Or Just Us

a perfect storm of FRAUD, Conspiracy, and judicial corruption


Nathaniel Griffin-Revolutionary War-George Washington

Family Tradition of American Patriots: Nathaniel Griffin: (Grandfather) Revolutionary War: Awarded a tract of land in upstate New York by George Washington. William Griffin: (Grandfather) Fought in the war of 1812. David W Griffin: (Grandfather) Civil War Gettysburg to Appomatox. Gerald G Griffin: WWI (KIA) Paul L Griffin: (Self) 1962-1967 Foreign Expeditionary Medal


Letter To: US Attorney General: William Barr

Memorandum of Law

ROGUE RABBI & HIS HASIDIC JEWISH CONGREGATION: In a criminal conspiracy by real estate developer, Jack (aka: Jacob, Yitzchock, Isaac) Lefkowitz, (Maskil El-Dal, LLC) Rabbi Abraham C Steinwurtzel, his board of directors and his Hasidic Jewish congregation of Brooklyn, NY (Kollel Mateh Efraim, LLC) illegally and fraudulently occupied our resort property, The Meadows in Fosterdale, NY…Seventy acres, one hundred rooms and catering for three hundred people. (See video below) and then filed a fraudulent chapter 11 bankruptcy in the name of a non-existent entity. When their fraudulent filing was disclosed to the court, the court permitted these debtors to simply file a second bankruptcy, where they utilized the tax ID and name of a religious corporation, Kollel Mateh Efraim, LLC. However, they spent the next ten years denying that they are in fact that debtor, despite the fact that they signed all of the documents and were the beneficiaries of those documents.

“The Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree” and “The Fruits Of Our Labors”


After forty-five years of hard work, we have been stripped of our business, our home and our life’s savings by a villainous fraudulent debtor, in collusion with corrupt legal practitioners and confounded with frivolous judicial process. Furthermore, by means of a fraudulent bankruptcy and four years of a convoluted bankruptcy stay, we were forced to pay for the mortgage, taxes and insurance while the  debtor enjoyed  free  and  exclusive occupancy  of our property.  It took four years of intense litigation before we successfully evicted them. By this time, they had so vandalized our property that we were completely depleted of everything we had worked a lifetime to achieve.

In the absence of consequences, Jack Lefkowitz, Rabbi Steinwurtzel and his board of directors and congregation defied court orders for payment under a contract; under court ordered Use & Occupancy; and for Adequate Protection. (As provided for by law!) Also during this time, this debtor in occupancy illegally “leased” our property to others for compensation. They utilized their superior financial resources to pervert the course of justice and to resist all legal attempts to legally remove them from our property. They prevented us from selling our own property during the peak real estate market of 2004-2007. On the eve of eviction when their illegal occupancy of our property was coming to an end, they placed a notice in a prominent Hebrew magazine 2007-05-16 2007-05-16 Hamodia stating, not to purchase our property…a hostile act and completely illegal. However, Judge Bernstein chose to overlook this and all other illegalities and hostilities perpetrated by this debtor. Why?


Property damage, demolition and vandalism of a disgustingly biased nature that the debtor and his congregation had inflicted upon our property was conspicuous and telling. There can be no doubt that this constituted a criminal act and was conceived in hate! The trustee and other officers of the court witnessed the extent of the damages: vandalism, destruction and graffiti of a grossly biased nature, written in Hebrew, with blue paint sprayed on doors, walls, windows and fittings. The strings of our beautiful Grand piano had been violently ripped out and left hanging as a further statement of the debtor’s disdain for us. Also during the enforced bankruptcy stay, fixtures and fittings were removed from the property without trustee authorization. The trustee made no effort to secure the property nor to restrain the debtor from their plundering of the property. When presented with this evidence, the court completely evaded the issue and rendered no comment. We can only conclude that the implicit evidence of a hate crime was more than the court could handle. Due to this conspicuous fraud and blatant injustice, The Meadows was lost in a subsequent foreclosure, along with our life’s savings and our award winning business and residential home, The Griffin House.

Standing alone against a Religious Corporation and its congregation is not without its many challenges. Behind closed doors, during depositions and even in open court Southern District of New York, within easy hearing of their victims, religious zealotry and bigotry boiled to the surface. They demonstrated that they have unlimited funds for litigation, (funded through Maskil Al Dal, LLC registered corporation in New York and Jerusalem, Israel.) and for convolution of the judicial process, but purportedly, none to pay their debts. Conceived In Hate and through a strategy of Fraudulent Contracts, “Hot Potato” Assignments, “Friday Night” Document Dumps, Malicious and False Allegations, Frustratingly Frivolous Actions and countless Contrived Adjournments, this consortium of self righteous conspirators managed to mesmerize the court for ten years!

A Hate Motivated Crime; Inside A Court Assisted Enigma; Wrapped In A Criminal Fraud

America’s Founders understood clearly that private property is the foundation not only of prosperity but of freedom itself. Thus, through the common law, state law, and the Constitution they protected property rights – the rights of people to freely acquire, use, and dispose of property. However, Our Constitution is only as good a restraint upon those who would trample over it as those into whose hands it is entrusted for respect, honor and enforcement.

Paul Griffin-White House Color Guard-JFK Funeral

Paul Griffin (left)-White House Color Guard-JFK Funeral

My ancestors have been fighting and shedding blood for this nation since The Revolutionary War and were awarded “PROPERTY” as a right, by a grateful founding president, George Washington. As a combat veteran, I carried on with the family tradition to ensure that this right would remain inviolate. Unfortunately, for my wife and for me, it has not!

we stood witness to a complete perversion of our Justice System in the southern district of New York. With complete impunity and cloaked in a criminal conspiracy, (RICO) our Constitutional Rights were callously fed into a document shredder of religious intolerance; money laundering; bank fraud; wire fraud; tax fraud; contract fraud; corporate fraud; judicial abuse; arrogance; bias; corruption and apathy.

New York Custom House

In an egregious infringement of our constitutional guarantees to property, due process and equal protection under the law, we stood witness to a complete perversion of our Justice System in the southern district of New York. With complete impunity and cloaked in a criminal conspiracy, (RICO) our Constitutional Rights were callously fed into a document shredder of religious intolerance; money laundering; bank fraud; wire fraud; tax fraud; contract fraud; corporate fraud; judicial abuse; arrogance; bias; corruption and apathy.

Failure to deal with systemic injustice anywhere permits it to flourish everywhere.

“Process” is meant to be a legal formula by which we arrive at the truth.

Scales Of Injustice

Scales Of Injustice

Unfortunately, neither the formula, nor the scales of justice are balanced.

“Justice Delayed = Justice Denied”    “Where-go Ethics: Ergo Justice”    “Is It Justice Or Just Us”

U.S. Supreme Court DECLINES To Hear Case


Supreme Court

While the “process” has been an entirely corrupted paradigm, the substantive facts of this fraud have never been permitted to percolate to the surface in a court of law. After ten years of filings and countless adjournments by the debtor, our attorney, Pincus David Carlebach missed a single filing deadline and the case was conveniently dismissed by judges Stuart M Bernstein SDNY, and Richard Sullivan SDNY. An appeal was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court however, they opted to not hear the case. The fact remains: our constitutional rights to property, due process and equal protection under the law were completely violated and our protests fell on deaf ears in our American court system.

Justice hasn’t simply been deaf, dumb and blind…it has been mired in a swamp of judicial abuse, arrogance, bias, corruption and apathy. These criminals used our system of laws like a burglars tool kit, while Judge Stuart M Bernstein, wielding a corroded sword of injustice, betrayed his personal bias and figuratively drove the get away car. Together, they have pilfered and plundered all that for which we had worked an entire lifetime. The entire Hasidic community bears some responsibility and their standing within American society is damaged by those from within who demonstrate a callous disregard for our constitution. This criminal element continues to render our system of laws a farce, and the officers who reside within those hallowed halls as puppets on a string. (Corroborating Media: New York Times – Orthodox Evade Law Enforcement – New York Jewish Health Charity Admits $47M Medicaid Fraud)  WATCH: – Hassidic institutions raided for fraud  FBI Investigating Hasidic Academy for School Lunch Fraud – Source

Debtor/Defendants Rabbi Abraham C. Steinwurzel and his congregation, Kollel Mateh Efraim, LLC, in a conspiracy with a wealthy real estate developer, Jack Lefkowitz and Maskil El Dal, LLC, (cases involving Jack Lefkowitz-incorporated in New York and Jerusalem, Israel) in collusion with the law firm of Backenroth, Frankel & Krinsky, LLP (which law firm did Affirmatively Aid A Fraud) brought together their superior organizational wealth, predatory stealth, and non-profit status while they violated every ethical, moral and sacred covenant that they profess to represent; all while subverting our courts.

“Houston…We’ve Got A Problem”  

Don't Ever Give Up

Don’t Ever Give Up

Justice requires its champions and seemingly, few are willing to rise to this challenge. “Providing equal justice for poor and rich, weak and powerful alike, is an age old problem. (Citing Leviticus c. 19 v. 15) People have never ceased to hope and strive to move closer to that goal. This hope, at least in part, brought about in 1215 the royal concessions of Magna Carta. “No free man shall be taken, nor imprisoned, nor dispossessed of his property, nor put out of the protection of the laws, nor exiled, nor anywise destroyed, but by the law of the land.’ In this tradition, our own constitutional guaranties of property rights, due process and equal protection allow no invidious discrimination between persons and different groups of persons.”

And yet…Radical groups invoking Rabbinical or Sharia Law. My wife and I stood alone against a fundamentalist congregation in The Southern District of NY. How could we possibly get a fair hearing when faced with such manipulation of our laws and intolerance for others not of their faith? Those who believe that our nation can withstand such an onslaught of duplicitous radicalism in our courts are simply na├»ve. My wife and I were completely violated by such ambiguity and bias.

Thomas Paine – Common Sense

Thomas Paine-Common Sense

Thomas Paine-Common Sense

    • Mateh Efraim (Debtor/Alter-Ego) a/k/a Mateh Ephraim, LLC a/k/a Kolel Mateh Efraim, LLC is a New York State entity with its principal place of business located at 751 Second Avenue, New York, New York 10017.

    • Congregation Kolel Mateh Efraim, (Debtor/Alter-Ego) a/k/a Mateh Ephraim; a/k/a Kolel Mateh Efraim, LLC (tax ID #11-283963) is a New York State Religious Corporation (the Religious Corporation) with a congregation at: 5608 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

    • Abraham Steinwurzel (Debtor/Alter-Ego) Rabbi and trustee of Kolel Mateh Efraim, LLC and resides at 1264 56th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

    • Sara Bluma Steinwurtzel A trustee of Kolel Mateh Efraim, LLC :  wife of Rabbi Abraham C Steinwurtzel, Resides at 1264 56th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

    • Joshua Steinman A trustee of Kollel Mateh Efraim and is the father of Sara Bluma Steinwurtzel.

    • Jack (aka Jacob, aka Yitzchok, aka Isaac) Lefkowitz (Debtor/Alter-Ego) Purports to be managing member of Kollel Mateh Efraim, LLC a/k/a Mateh Ephraim, LLC a/k/a Kolel Mateh Efraim. Signed documents as the President of Kolel Mateh Efraim. He is a Trustee of Maskil El Dal, Inc. and resides at: 1526 52nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219.

    • Maskil El-Dal, Inc. (Insider Creditor/Alter Ego) A tax-exempt religious organization/funding corporation c/o Dov Wilhelm, (father in-law of Jack Lefkowitz) 1424 43rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219-1651

    • Backenroth, Frankel & Krinsky, LLP Attorneys of record for the debtor/defendants (Did Affirmatively Aid A Fraud)

    • Heller, Horowitz, and Feit, PC Retained July 2008 by Jack Lefkowitz and Abraham Steinwurzel in defense of trustees’ Adversarial Proceeding. (Did Affirmatively Aid A Fraud)

    • Robert L. Geltzer With offices at 1556 Third Avenue New York, NY 10128 chapter 7 Trustee. (Did Affirmatively Aid A Fraud)

    • Isaac Nutovic Attorney for Kollel, Mateh, Efraim…The religious corporation with offices at 488 Madison Avenue, NYC (Did Affirmatively Aid A Fraud)

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3 thoughts on “Justice Or Just Us

  1. Don Little says:

    still remember your graciousness to me and making the opportunity for me to visit your home and arranging for me to visit your Dad and Mom in there home. Someone I had listen to near all my life. A true highlight of my life. I am dumfounded at what has happened to Irene and yourself Paul.
    I wish you a day of justice yet in this matter. All the very best to you.
    Don LIttle

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