Between The Covers

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The lines were drawn early on in our marriage…Irene was “the singer” and I was “the trumpet player”…I wouldn’t sing and Irene wouldn’t play the trumpet. (Nor sing when a trumpet player was on the radio, television, practicing or anywhere within hearing distance.) Irene took great pains, when meeting with Doc Severensen, to complain to him about the number of times during our early courting days while “on the road” with Fred Waring, when she would be dropped like a free radical at a gay pride parade if he, “The Doc” happened to be playing a solo on The Tonight Show. Romance was immediately suspended or put on hold. My identity was so wrapped up in the trumpet that when I lost the ability to play due to an unfortunate accident, I began to question “who”, “what”, or “if” I was anymore. It was at this crossroads when we decided to open a Bed & Breakfast Inn and later, a resort hotel…but then, that’s another story. Eventually, as I began to compile our musical history, I came across a vocal duet that Irene and I had recorded years earlier. It prompted me to consider a complete album of duets and thus the genesis of a new vehicle for my musical creativity which now includes audio and video production along with web authoring.

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