1. Broken Vow Irene Stephens-Griffin 4:35
  2. Surrender Irene Stephens-Griffin 3:02
  3. Talk About It Irene Stephens-Griffin 4:39
  4. So Many Things Irene Stephens-Griffin 2:55
  5. You're Still You Irene Stephens-Griffin 3:37
  6. Scarborough Fair Irene Stephens-Griffin 4:09
  7. Glory Of Love Irene Stephens-Griffin 2:38
  8. Dust In The Wind Irene Stephens-Griffin 3:36
  9. Ave Maria Irene Stephens-Griffin 2:40
  10. O Mio Bambino Caro Irene Stephens-Griffin 1:58
  11. Answer Me Irene Stephens-Griffin 5:20

cdshades1I hope you get the message from the title “Shades Of Irene.” “Broken Vows” This is a dramatic song that you don’t want to sing or play for anybody who has just been through a breakup. I had fun recording the Rod Stewart song, although it was pretty far outside of my comfort zone, but it was fun so I included it. On the other extreme we have “Oh Mio Babino Caro” and “Ave Maria” which are the songs that I’m truly comfortable with. The first time I heard “So Many Things” and “Surrender” I really wanted to record them. I think I enjoyed having to hold back and control my voice, though sometimes it can be difficult to control. …..Scarborough Fair and Dust In The Wind are a couple of true standards which were fun to sing. I really should have put The Vengeance Aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute on this album but, you can listen to it on my other CD, Through The Years. I first got to know that number when we were traveling with Fred Waring’sBubbles Pennsylvanians. Paul said try this as he attempted to sing for me the trills, obbligatos and high G’s which are the meat and potatoes of a soprano…but not for Paul. (He says that he doesn’t like potatoes anyway…what kind of an Irishman doesn’t like potatoes!) I’m sure that we got on a few people’s nerves that day, being that we were thirty thousand feet in the sky as we traveled from San Francisco to Salt Lake City. I also hope you like the album cover which is a picture of a needle point tapestry that took me two years to complete. Woven into that tapestry are strands of fluff from my white fur-ball of a cat, Bubbles.

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