Hall Of Shame



This has been an important, precedent setting case in the federal bankruptcy system, as attested to by the fact that it has been featured on page one of The National Law Journal. Also, it has been discussed in several law blogs, including:Stupid Bankruptcy Lawyer , by the Chicago based Coleman Law Firm, which shines the light on just one of their many “dirty tricks!” Irene & I are convinced that this constituted a blatant conspiracy (RICO) and that such convolution of our legal system lies at the very epicenter of our nation’s current crisis.

The attorney who made an unauthorized settlement on July 20th, 2005, Gerald Orseck admitted within two days of doing so and that he had not been authorized to do so! He wrote a letter to the court stating such. Yet, Judge Stewart M Bernstein of the Southern District of New York, permitted and encouraged eighteen months of costly litigation in order to conclude that the settlement was unauthorized. This legal jousting at windmills perpetuated the rent free occupancy of our property.

It has now been nine years since these debtor/defendants invaded our lives. Their deep pockets for litigation has bought them a complete convolution of the bankruptcy system. They are serial bankruptcy filers and over the years they have found bankruptcy fraud to be a prosperous venture and an unethical/immoral means for acquiring the assets of others. Ultimately, the court dismissed the chapter 7 bankruptcy case against the debtors based on some very flawed reasoning and stating as “fact” those statements by the debtor that were perjured and were anything but the facts.


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