The Years Of My Youth


  1. The Years Of My Youth Paul Griffin 3:36
  2. Without A Song Paul Griffin 2:33
  3. Goodbye Paul Griffin 4:04
  4. Hi De Ho Paul Griffin 3:59
  5. Lucrecia McEvil Paul Griffin 2:55
  6. Titanic Paul Griffin 4:35
  7. Softly As I Leave You Paul Griffin 3:24
  8. Boogie Down Paul Griffin 4:43


This cd is the first collection of my own vocal recordings. Up until this point, I had primarily worked on recording Irene’s music. The title track is a favorite song of mine originally recorded by Jack Jones on his “Sings Michele LeGrand” CD. I liked this song so much that after wearing out several copies of the vinyl and recommending it to Frankie Laine, he contracted his arranger, and began performing it in his live shows. Later, I wrote my own arrangement of it and recorded it for this cd.

I often find myself reminiscing about how music used to be such a collaborative effort. From concept to performance required the proprietary talents of countless devoted professionals. Composer, Orchestrator, Copyist, followed by rehearsals, recording engineers and producers…and most importantly, quality musicians who could sight read the music with the interpretation required by the composer, orchestrator and copyist. Today, music is rarely “composed” but, rather “assembled.” Usually by some lonely guy sitting in a room cluttered with computers and “work stations.” while proprietary software replaces all of the above “professionals.”

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