Trumpets & Crumpets

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  1. Sempre Trumpet Paul Griffin 1:37
  2. Fanfare For The Common Man-Brass Paul Griffin 2:42
  3. Hejre Kati Paul Griffin 3:08
  4. MacArthur Park-Fluglehorn Paul Griffin 6:09
  5. You've Changed Paul Griffin 3:58
  6. Trumpet Crumpet Paul Griffin 0:38
  7. Starting Something Paul Griffin 4:27
  8. Can't Buy Me Love-Lead Trumpet With Ella Fitzgerald Paul Griffin 2:57
  9. Quiet City-Master Paul Griffin 8:59
  10. The Lady Is A Tramp Paul Griffin 4:48
  11. Trumpet Duet #1 Paul Griffin 0:27


This cd was a last minute decision to create and I remain remorseful that it wasn’t at the top of my list. As mentioned elsewhere on this web site, my trumpet playing career came to an abrupt end when I fell from a stage during a performance for the governor of New York, (Mario Cuomo) and I sustained serious and permanent injury to my cervical and lumbar spine. I had always intended to record some of my favorite trumpet solos and styles, but the dynamics of playing the trumpet are such that along with the discouraging prognosis’ of several top Park Avenue spinal surgeons, to continue playing the trumpet was not to be in my future. This cd is a compilation of a few of the recordings that I had archived for a “rainy day.” “Funny, That Rainy Day Is Here.” (Which song I recorded as a trumpet and vocal performance and can be seen in the video production above.)

14 thoughts on “Trumpets & Crumpets

    • James Langton says:

      Hello Paul

      I listened to the beautiful version of “Isn’t It Romantic” featuring your father’s trumpet playing on YouTube. Can you tell me exactly what that recording is? Which band and from when? Thanks! James Langton

      • Paul says:

        Hi James,
        Thank you for expressing your enjoyment of my father’s featured solo of “Isn’t It Romantic.” The Album was entitled, “Your Dance Date With George Siravo.” I don’t know exactly when the album was released, but I believe that it would have been in the mid-forties. In case you haven’t already seen it, I created a tribute page dedicated to my Dad.

  1. Wayne Colburn says:

    Been enjoying your playing. You were a great trumpet player. Your Dad was one of the best. I played for s few years as a kid. My grandfather also played with the Benny Goodman band like your Father did. But he was with him before your Dad and Harry James. My Grandfather was Bunny Berigan. I am sure he knew your Dad. Your Dad Chris Griffin had a wonderful sound. Love your playing too. Sorry about your accident. You should be famous too.Thanks Wayne Colburn

    • Paul says:

      My goodness…what a special surprise! Your grandfather was an absolute legend. Somebody, whom all trumpet players aspired to emulate. Thank you so much for connecting and commenting. In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is a link here, to a tribute about my father….where I have also mentioned your grandfather. What a history we are privileged to share. There is a video on that page of my dad’s tribute to your grandfather with his version of: “I Can’t Get Started.”

    • Patricia says:

      I listen and watch singers and swing channel on the music television channels. Bunny Berrigan is often on and it’s usually, Cant Get Started. Thank you for your comment Wayne. I am Paul’s sister, and Chris Griffins daughter.

      • Wayne Coburn says:

        Hi Patrica that’s my Moms name too. Patrica Berigan Colburn. It’s so great to read about your Dad . I did not know he was the trumpet player for the Honeymooner show. That opening theme always moved me as a kid. Your Dad was such a great trumpet player. What a great life as a musician he had. My grandfather of course died young. But they both played in the best era of music. They were so lucky to be alive at that time. I think I remember seeing your Dad on tv once. The Jackie Gleason show. I was a kid of course and the trumpet player who I think was your Dad was next to Jackie playing some high notes. And Jackie Gleason called him steel lips. I had a good time tonight listening to his music tonight. I really liked his playing I cover the water front. Very nice ! Take care Patrica.

    • Paul Griffin says:

      Hi Wayne…I’m a member of the Benny Goodman Appreciation Facebook page and was wondering if you happen to have a presence on Facebook? There are many people there who would welcome you into the fold and are anxious to hear about your grandfather’s influence on your mother and you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. rusty barker says:

    hey paul, i was just web-surfing one sleepless night and came upon your site. immediately i remembered how much i enjoyed your presence and your laugh on the road with ray anthony. and the fun time we had on my visit to your upstate home lo those many years ago. just wondering how you and irene are doing and if she still licks your fingers. rusty barker

  3. RON ZITO says:

    Hi Paul. I stayed with my then-girlfriend at your other B&B outside of Bethel around 2003 or 2004. We had such a wonderful time there. You and Irene were gracious hosts and wonderful to talk to. I recently drove by the old place. It’s all grown over. I wonder if that grand piano is still there (unless you took it)? Anyway, I have nothing but pleasant memories of you and Irene at Griffin House. We talked shop. My father, Ronnie Zito, is a still an active drummer and in Local 802 NY. I think you may have worked together. You may have even worked with my Uncle Torrie Zito, an arranger. Small world no matter where you go.

    Anyway, my best to you and Irene at this time in your life. Be well.


    Ron Zito

    • Paul says:

      Hello and thank you so much for remembering the Griffin House. We enjoyed twenty special years there and were honored by New York State Tourism as the Bed & Breakfast of distinction in 2004. Your Dad is, of course, a legend in the music industry, as is your uncle. I have such amazing memories from the years that I was privileged to work with them and others.
      Thanks again for staying in touch and for reminding us of the wonderful years we spent at The Griffin House.

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