Ripples On A Pond

By Paul Griffin

Enhanced with elements of harmony, melody, rhythm and timbre and bridging all geo-political and social boundaries, music is the international language that holds the promise of a higher order of communication. Culled from the oscillations within the twenty cycle thru twenty kilocycle range of the electromagnetic spectrum, our diverse cultures are brought together in a celebration of the gathering sonance into a singular expression of bonhomie.

Music is as the crystal surface of a deep and mysterious pool in a gentle rain. Refreshing! Replenishing! Each drop announcing its own timely arrival on the surface with playful and ever expanding concentric circles. Mirror like, the reflection evolves into a constantly morphing work of art; a euphoric combination of smells and a symphony of cascading sounds; embracingly consonant and hauntingly dissonant, but continuously orchestrating into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors and patterns with a delicious anticipation of contented resolution.

Occasionally there comes a drop that is different, or better defined and distinctly more “rotund” than its fellow travelers. It joyfully cannonballs into the deep end, throwing out a drenching spray and leaving its own unique signature. Creating a rhythmic and dynamic swell that will not be ignored, it gathers momentum, engulfing its neighbors and sending them undulating into invigorating troughs and triumphant crests; colliding with one another in ecstatic and harmonious exhilaration. Eventually, the melody of the rain surrenders to the rhythm of time and the timbre of change; the resonating ripples subside, and serenity returns to the pool. The reflection is clear, peaceful, enhanced and fulfilled.

While the fragrance of the moss on a damp forest floor reminds us of our youth, when we intimately explored the ground we walked, music stands apart for its unique ability to conjure abstract images, moods and memories. The music of our lives presents us with apparitions, faces and feelings; memories of who we were and realizations of what we have become.

Music speaks volumes about who we are. From Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Debussy to Gershwin, Copland and John Williams, music has helped us to define the ages. It has memorialized: The Roaring Twenties; The Somber Thirties; The Sultry Forties; Swinging Fifties; Rocking Sixties, Soulful Seventies and Eighties. Ever searching; striving for new definition while each generation cannonballs into the deep end leaving its own indelible imprint.